Records for British Library Sound Archive

From Record collection of Matyas Seiber

Salvaged from:- 51 Stafford Road, Caterham, Surrey; donated by Julia Seiber Boyd, May 2013.

Composer Title Perf. Producer Speed Condition
Seiber Margarite elle est malade GB 78
Seiber 4 Hungarian Folk songs N Platt b/tone+Max Rostal v’ln 78
arr. Seiber Bashof (arr. Seiber) Huga & ? BBC players cond. Seiber 78
Seiber Pourquoi me bat mon mari RPO London 78
Seiber Pastorale for flute & string orchestra BBC 78
Seiber Gentile galans de France 15th C 78
Seiber* Figurehead Halas & Bachelor/voice of London LP
Seiber* Chase Crooked Shadow theme music LP
Seiber Old Scottish Air (harmonica & orchestra) 78
Bartὁk 2nd string Quartet Amar Qu. 78
Seiber* Yugoslav F/songs/Easy Dances/ Petöfi Songs BBC 78
Seiber Incidental music/speech…Time/ he hath brought me hither BBC 78
Seiber Extracts: G Sutherland talk for TV (several discs) BBC 78
Seiber* Speed the plough advision ltd 78
Seiber* John Gilpin’s Ride EMI 78
Seiber C’est Joli BBC
Seiber* Ulysses (with peter Pears) cond Schwartz 1st GB perf BBC chorus/orch LP
Seiber Dorian Singers – various cond. MS (4 discs) LP
Ledbelly/White/Mathis Idyll & Dance
Talks etc. – incidental music for… Adventures in Music series
Indian Classical Music BBC
Lomax/Roberts/ Mathis* American F Songs
Anon Uzbeck F/song & F dance
RV Williams Job; A masque for dancing cond. Boult BBC (5 discs)
Seiber Yugoslav F/songs + Knife Dance BBC
Anon Brigg Fair/ Coventry carol (arr. Grainger) Oriana Madrigal school BBC
Lidholm/ Rosenberg/ Blomdahl Ritornel Swedish LP
Seiber* Evening on the Puzsta (perf. Wessex players 1938)
Seiber Adventure in Music series; 3 Hungarian F/songs (Hendon School)
Seiber Elegy for Viola & small orchestra (? 2 versions) LP
Seiber 3 Hungarian F/songs female voices Wembley School
Mathis Dancing Teddy bear
Seiber** Concert Piece + To Poetry (1st GB perf) P Wallfisch/ A Gold Troutbeck
Bartók B Staccato ostinato (BB piano solo) Columbia
Koval/ Yemelian Pugachev/Katchaturian Workers MA
Petöfi Hunved Kantata MHV
Goehr W Japanese Shadow Dance Simplat
Stravinsky/ Berg/ Webern Three pieces LP
Mozart arr. Seiber Gigue & Menuet
Seiber Pastorale for Flute & orchestra (copy perf. Budapest Orchestra)
Var. arr Seiber Adventure in Music/ Seiber Folk BBC 78 3
Hungarian Cabaret BBC 3
Var Indian Melodies BBC 2/3
Var Illegible (MS handwriting) (3 discs) Simplat 2
? Shule Agra dir. A Bush Topic 3-4
Seiber* Talk on Kodaly 3rd P 03/07/43 BBC 3
Seiber* Arne Songs: when icicles hang… (P Pears) BBC 4
Seiber American Folk music BBC 3
Seiber A Vous Amanz/ Gentils gal de France BBC 4/5
Seiber Tre Pezzi BBC 4/5
Seiber* Music & speech; For the time being (8) BBC 4
Seiber* Music for Robbery Under Arms MSM 3
Seiber Old Scottish Air (harmonica & orch.) 4/5
Seiber Time has brought me hither (2) BBC 3-4
arr. Mathis Spring Symph. Poem (accordion) HMV 4/5
Seiber/arr. Seiber Der Trischter das K das nasobaum + Bestief (3) 4
Bartók Piano solo pieces Columbia 4/5
Music for Christmas Child (3) BBC 3
Hindemith Chamber music
Hoffnung (2 disc) Importance of H/Timeless H BBC 4
Schoenberg/ Webern/Berg Music for Strings Juilliard Q LP 4
Seiber 2nd string quartet 3-4
Ranki Pomáde Király Magy HV 4
Josquin arr. Seiber Dep. Pour Julian Aldegheur 3
Var. arr Seiber Warsaw Ghetto Songs Topic 3
Var. (11 discs) Swedish Folksongs Discs Swed.Radio 4/5
Kodály Gergelyjonas Zene Gim Korus 4
Var. Music of the Orient: Java/ Bengal/Bali (4 discs) Parlophone 4
Bartók Music for Strings Percussion & Celeste (3) Capitol 4
J de Bolgna XIV c al suo Amante L’Ois Lyre 4
Stravinsky/ Cseni various pieces Mag HV 3
Petöfi Recitation of verses Mag HV 4
Var. Folk Music Mag HV 3
Josquin Instrumental Chanson
Var/anon Moldva music & songs (no lable)
Var Romanian Folk Music – with MS handwritten note
Seiber Clarinet concertino L Horvath (signed to MS H Laszlo) LP
Boulez Marteau sans Maitre vega
Szekely Kossüth/ Pomade Király Mag HV
Swellinch Psalm 102
Seiber Lied de Joyeaux
Kodály Gélya Nota
Seiber various extracts from Johnny Miner
Csenki Magyar Albimi Népi MagHV
Kodály/ Seiber Folk songs BBC
Seiber Serenade (2 clarinets/2 horns/2 bassoons) – 2 versions Presto/ Troutbeck
Seiber Pastorale for recorder & strings (B Tuckwell & Melos) Troutbeck
Seiber (1949) My peace has gone/ rhythmic studies dir Rabinovitz Presto
Seiber* Sonata da Camera (W Pleeth & M Rostal) 2 discs Piodisc
Seiber Phantasy (W Pleeth) Decca
Seiber* Gespenst (Dorian Singers dir MS)(Fricker on side 2)
Russian Folk songs (2 discs) CCCP
Seiber Miner’s Dirge/ Colliers rant etc Johnny Miner
Seiber Russian Lullaby (Midland Light Orch)
Seiber* Ragtime/Tango/Slow-fox/ (2 discs)
Tango/ Blues/ Charleston/Hot Fox MS on piano?
Seiber 4 Greek F/songs (Sop. + strings- Melos E)
Seiber 4 French F/songs (Sophie Wyss) Gold ltd
Seiber Divertimento for clarinet & strings G de Player + Melos)
+ Wind sextet (Csönd Herb) Piodisc
Seiber The star we follow Ariel Sound
Mathis Festival in Sevilla
Seiber St Louis Blues/ Loves Old Sweet song (F Hartley) Simplat
Seiber arr. Londonderry Air
Lomax intro* Negro Work Songs/Chain Gang Songs (Josh White/ Wee Russell Band)
+ Mathis/White/Ledbelly* American F/songs & Dancing Teddy bear (box of 4 discs)
Seiber By the Fountains of Rome/ Slow Foxtrot Columbia
Seiber* 3 Stricke für cello und orchestra (tape – unpublished work?)
Seiber* Town Like Alice (box of 8 discs) J A Rank
Bartók B String Quartets 3 & 4 (Juilliard Qu) LP Columbia
Bartók B String Quartet op.17 Grammophon